YSI Webinar

You ask, we answer! Join YSI for an educational webinar.

YSI is launching a new webinar series in response to your valued feedback. Join us for part one – Best Practices for Online Sensor Maintenance. We’ll showcase live, hands-on demonstrations and share best maintenance practices for each sensor type. 

Quality data is essential for optimized process control – proper maintenance of online instrumentation results in maximum sensor performance and, ultimately, better data to help you make informed decisions.

You’ll learn:

1. Which wastewater components are known to skew online data and/or foul instrumentation. 
2. Best practices for maintaining sensors and how to get the best data.
3. How to perform basic maintenance procedures on YSI online instrumentation (DO, pH, ISE, TSS, and more).

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn about nutrient monitoring technologies and earn CEUs.