WaterIQ Technologies™ Sentinel AIQ™

Sentinel AIQ by WaterIQ Technologies stands as your ally in combating algae growth. Discover Atlantic Canada’s cutting-edge water treatment solutions with WaterIQ Technologies’ Sentinel AIQ.

This solar-powered ultrasonic system is a loyal defender, equipped to combat algae and preserve water integrity. Get reliable, always-on water instrumentation and algae remediation, safeguarding your water quality. WaterIQ Technologies Sentinel AIQ integrates the Base Camp™ flotation system, Pulsar 4000 ultrasonic device, solar power capability, and IoT telemetry for comprehensive water remediation.

Standard Configuration: WaterIQ’s Sentinel AIQ integrates the Base Camp™ flotation, Pulsar 4000 ultrasonic remediation, solar power capability, and onboard IoT and telemetry.

AIQ+ Enhanced System: AIQ+ introduces a water quality monitoring system with IoT-connected field sensors testing for Blue-Green Algae, Chlorophyll A, Conductivity, Dissolved Oxygen, ORP, pH, Temperature, and Turbidity.

Pulsar 4000 Precision: With over 2000 frequencies, the Pulsar 4000 is a 360° coverage appliance equipped with more than 2000 frequencies making it well suited to treat large reservoirs and lakes with radial coverages of 150 meters for green algae and 400 meters for blue-green algae.

Remote Monitoring & Cloud Analysis: Telemetry and IoT systems transmit real-time operating status and sensor data to the Cloud for remote monitoring, aiding staff with configurable dashboards for water health assessment.

Advanced Features for Efficiency: Cerakote™ ceramic coatings deter bacteria and algae attachment, while a bird deflector ensures system longevity and long-term operational stability.

Environmentally Friendly Approach: Sentinel AIQ utilizes ultrasound technology, offering a chemical-free solution, minimizing manpower and operating costs, and prioritizing environmental sustainability.

AIQ+ Telemetry and IoT Integration: AIQ+ models feature advanced telemetry, IoT technology, and intelligent sensors, facilitating remote monitoring, data analysis, and seamless integration with other applications.

Algae Control & Water Restoration: Sentinel AIQ eliminates algae without harming other aquatic life, ensuring ease of operation, cost-efficiency, and robust reliability, contributing to sustainable water restoration efforts.

Nulantic Water is an exclusive representative of WaterIQ Technologies™ Sentinel AIQ™ and is proud to serve customers and projects based in Atlantic Canada.

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