De Nora TETRA® Media Filtration

Common municipal applications include filtration of drinking water, pre-treatment of seawater for desalination, and tertiary treatment of wastewater. Industrial applications include both gravity and pressure filtration, with a focus on steel industry applications that require removal of high concentrations of oil and grease and mill scale solids. No matter your application, Nulantic Water has the filtration solution for you.

Why De Nora TETRA® Media Filtration U, LP, and Anchor-Rite® Blocks?

The heart of the filter is the underdrain. De Nora offers two categories of filter underdrains providing maximum flexibility for any application. Dual parallel lateral underdrain products including DE NORA TETRA U, LP, and Anchor-Rite® Blocks. By the way, these underdrains are ideal for your common applications such as drinking water treatment and other pretreated water sources. These applications have a proven history of performance and provide excellent distribution of backwash air and water keeps filter media clean. They are suitable to retrofit any air/water backwash scheme with a low profile for better filtration performance and longer filter runs. Meanwhile, they are reliably strong resistance to underdrain uplift pressure with low operating costs and minimal maintenance.

Maim features of DE NORA TETRA™ LP Block™ are:

• Lightweight and robust design
• No moving or wearing part
• Low profile
• GroutGrip™ design
• Anchor-Rite® design
• Media retention plate

Why DE NORA TETRA SNAP T Block System?

SNAP T® Block systems provide a unique non-clogging underdrain for New or retrofit heavily-loaded applications. Even water sources with oils, grease, and mill-scale solids can be effectively treated with this non-clogging underdrain. And, of course, media selection can be customized to further fine-tune filter performance. Excellent distribution of backwash air and water for efficient bed cleaning and low filter operating costs. Simple to install, minimal maintenance, no moving parts.

Benefits of using DE NORA TETRA™ SNAP T® Block are:

• Excellent distribution of backwash air/water – more efficient bed cleaning and reduced filter operating costs
• Reduced installation costs and time
• Interlocking grid throughout entire filter bottom resists uplift, even from a water hammer event
• Weight of block prevents lifting
• Expected life of 35 to 50 years

Nulantic Water is an exclusive representative of De Nora TETRA® Media Filtration and is proud to serve customers and projects based in Atlantic Canada.

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