TC-X TTD Series

Maximum Flow Rate: 25.1 GPM (95 LPM)

Available in 6 Sizes with a wide range of options and accessories
Specifically designed to transfer highly corrosive chemicals, including slurries in clean room type chemical transfer processes for the manufacture of electronic components, solar panels and also for the manufacture of semiconductors. Newly improved pump design with reduced air consumption & incorporating the new looped C air motor for increased reliability and extended parts life. Drop-in body dimensions and footprint. Fully bolted and torqued pumps with inbuilt design features to resist material creep and reduced chance of leaks forming over time. Totally non-lubricated technology. Designed to insure low particle counts and reduced chance of metallic ion contamination within a process. Class 100 clean room manufactured, packed and double bagged. Multiple connection types available to match your application needs.


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