SuperDrum™ Drum Filter

The SuperDrum™ is an automatic, self-cleaning microscreen filter designed for removal of suspended solids.

Water to be filtered is guided into the drum and flows by gravity through the filter media panels mounted on the periphery of the drum. Suspended solids are separated and accumulated on the inside of the filter media. When the water level inside the filter drum increases to a preset point, the drum starts rotating and the backwash of the filter media starts. The high-pressure backwash spray removes the accumulated suspended solids into the reject flume inside the filter. Within a preset range, the drum rotates with optimal speed and optimal backwash water pressure to clean the filter panels using the filtrate water. The wash water is collected in the reject trough and is transported out through the reject pipe. The filter media is submerged to a maximum of 65% and the water level of the filtrate is kept by an effluent weir. The SuperDrum features very low head loss, low energy cost, and a reliable, tested design.


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