SORB™ Contaminant removal

De Nora offers a range of proven and effective solutions for the removal of inorganic contaminants from water and wastewater including arsenic, iron, manganese, nitrate, fluoride and PFAS. SORB FX removes PFAS compounds to non-detectable limit using the latest ion exchange (IX) media. SORB 33 arsenic systems use Bayoxide® media where exhausted media is an easy to dispose of non-hazardous waste and provides worry free arsenic levels. SORB 26 iron and manganese removal systems preferentially remove iron and manganese from water  supplies. The proprietary catalytic media also provides arsenic and hydrogen sulfide reduction.  Using SORB 09 activated alumina media in a fixed bed process removes fluoride effectively.

SORB™ adsorption and contaminant removal systems help solve environmental, regulatory, and public health water treatment challenges and are best available technology (BAT) for many contaminants of concern.


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