Sludge Sucker™ Sludge Removal System

Collects sludge in surface water applications and effectively removes light sludges. Ideal for basin retrofits to add sludge collection or automatic removal functionality.

Sludge Sucker units are a cost effective and efficient sludge removal mechanism that provides removal of lightweight sludges, such as alum or ferric hydroxide, or light iron and manganese precipitates from rectangular settling basins. Its versatile design allows for customizing to fit into existing rectangular basins or new basins. Sludge Sucker units are especially effective for retrofit of basins that have obstructions such as crosswalks, skimmers, troughs, tube settlers or other equipment at the basin surface. Accumulated sludge can be easily removed from beneath these obstacles. Single units are used for basins typically 30 feet wide x 125 feet long, while multiple units are provided for wider or longer basins.


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