Pond Balls

Pond Balls cover over 91% of the surface, forming a barrier that reduces evaporation, energy consumption, odors, algae growth and deters wildlife

Ballast Balls – an innovative floating cover system.  Each plastic ball is partially filled with potable water to serve as ballast against wind. These floating balls are made from the highest quality resins and designed to be UV-resistant and durable in all weather conditions.This simple and effective cover has many benefits and advantages including: Reducing emissions of toxic gases and odors; Reducing Evaporation; Reducing algae growth; Reducing evaporation; Reducing exposed water to deter birds and wildlife; Reducing heat loss; Compatible for extreme weather conditions and snow, rain and wind; Maintenance free simple to install; Enables easy access for installation and operation of aeration diffusers, pumps and surface mixing equipment; Easily conforms to complex piping and obstructions inside tanks or reservoirs


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