The pHotoFlex colorimeters by YSI offer rugged, waterproof performance for lab and field testing. Key features include a large backlit display, extensive data storage, and flexible adapters. Available in standard and pH electrode-capable models.

The pHotoFlex line of colorimeters is the newest addition to YSI’s extensive range of colorimeters. These robust, waterproof, multiparameter colorimeters are ideal for both laboratory and field testing environments.

Key Features of pHotoFlex Colorimeters

  • Large Backlit Display: The pHotoFlex colorimeters feature a large, backlit display, ensuring easy readability and operation in various conditions.
  • Waterproof Design: With an IP-67 rating, these colorimeters are designed to withstand challenging environments.
  • Data Logging: Equipped with data logging capabilities, the pHotoFlex colorimeters can store and export data to a computer using LSdata software.
  • User-Defined Programs: Users have the flexibility to define their own programs, enhancing the versatility of these instruments.
  • Two-Year Warranty: Each unit comes with a 2-year warranty, ensuring long-term reliability.

Models Available

  • pHotoFlex STD: This model functions as a colorimeter only and offers calibration adjustment for selected methods, data storage capacity of 100 data sets, and a flexible adapter for various cell types.
  • pHotoFlex pH: In addition to the features of the STD model, this version includes pH electrode capability with a BNC connection for direct pH measurements and the ability to measure the pH-dependent parameter NH3. It also has a data storage capacity of 1,000 data sets.

Accessories and Connectivity Both models are compatible with PC software for data management, firmware updates, and method updates. The flexible, fixed adapter accommodates different cell types with a flip design for various heights and diameters.

Kits and Additional Options

  • pHotoFlex pH/SET and STD/SET Kits: These kits include additional accessories such as a field case, pH electrode, syringes, cuvettes, cleaning tissues. In addition, they are providing a comprehensive solution for field and laboratory testing.
  • Single-Parameter Colorimeters: For those interested in measuring chlorine or COD only, YSI offers the YSI 900 Chlorine and YSI 910 COD single-parameter colorimeters.

Nulantic Water represents YSI’s pHotoFlex line of colorimeters and is proud to serve customers and projects based in Atlantic Canada.

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