Benchtop multiparameter instrument for pH, ORP, conductivity, BOD and Ion Activity Measurement

Laboratory instrument for DO/BOD, pH, ORP, conductivity and ion activity measurement. EPA approved for drinking water and wastewater compliance reporting. The YSI MultiLab line includes the 4010-1 (single channel), 4010-2 (dual channel) and 4010-3 (three channel) instruments
Connect digital IDS sensors to the MultiLab 4010-3 for the measurement of DO/BOD, pH, ORP, and conductivity in any combination. Ion selective electrodes (ISEs) can also be connected to the instrument. Easy to use, and calibrate menu driven operation ideal for laboratories. Instruments can accurately measure pH, ORP, conductivity, and DO/BOD. ISEs can also be connected to two and three channel instruments.


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