Low-Temperature Sludge Dryer

The DLT is a closed-loop belt dryer that uses hot water as its primary heating source. The water loop is heated to ~190 °F; the head source is typically a boiler system, but CHPs or turbines can be used. To transfer the heat from the hot water loop into the dryer, air is forced across heat exchangers into the dryer.

The result is dried sludge with a dryness level up to +90%, reduced biosolids weight up to +80%, meets Class A requirements, and the optimized particle size creates minimal dust; allowing for land application without further processing.

The sludge dryer generates Class A Biosoilds – drying sludge at a high temperature to destroy pathogens. Other benefits include reducing sludge volume thus reducing costs for disposal, landfill, and transportation and meets PFAS regulations.


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