HSC Airburst Cleaning System

This  innovative HSC Airburst Cleaning System effectively removes debris through a rapid release of high-pressure air. Airburst Cleaning System for Efficient Water Intake Operations: ensure seamless water intake operations with Hendrick’s Airburst Cleaning System.

HSC Airburst Cleaning System ideal for Various Environments:

  • Designed for high debris environments.
  • Perfect for countering sediment or organic matter buildup caused by inadequate water current conditions, which can restrict water flow.

System Components and Options:

Air Compressor: Choose from various options, including reciprocating or rotary screw, oil-less or food-grade oil, 1/2hp to 125hp motor, electric or gas motor, ODP or TEFC motors, and additional features such as oil and water filters, silencers, and more. The size can be tailored to match specific screen requirements.

Receivers: Custom sizes available with horizontal or vertical installation, outlets made to valve size, and other adaptable features to meet specific requirements. The receivers are ASME coded high-pressure vessels suitable for indoor or outdoor installation.

Valves: An array of valve sizes ranging from 1” ball to 12” butterfly, with options for automated or manual operation. For a low-maintenance and cost-effective choice, consider the pneumatic operated valves.

Control Panel: Custom designed & built to specs by a UL 508A panel shop. What is more, the automated system ensures optimal cleaning intervals while allowing manual initiation of a backwash at any time. Complying with NEMA standards, the panel includes alarms and signals to/from SCADA. Manual valve systems are also available.

Differential Level Bubbler System: Opt for this optional system to determine head loss or control intake pump. This system adds value by measuring the head loss of pressure drop across the intake screen(s). It can also initiate a backwash when needed. It can also effectively control intake pumps, and the proven reliability of bubblers ensures the lowest maintenance level measurement system available.

Nulantic Water is an exclusive representative of HSC Airburst Cleaning System and is proud to serve customers and projects based in Atlantic Canada.

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