EXPERT Hydrostatic Pressure Transmitters

Delivers stable and exact level measurement – even in harsh environments

Expert™ measures level and temperature. Both measurements can be achieved as an output signal. Expert™ is delivered providing 4-20 mA or ModBus RS485 output. The ceramic sensor in 3400 will provide exact measurements, also in harsh chemical environments. EXPERT 700 & 700D: created for level measurements in water borings. Due to the build-in air pressure and temp compensation, the narrow transmitter provides stable measurements EXPERT 1400: The ceramic capacitive sensor provides a stunning precision of +/- 0.1 %. The transmitter is just 22mm in diameter. ATEX and UL approved for installations in explosion hazardous areas. EXPERT 3400 & 3400D: designed without sharp edges preventing particles from sticking to the house or membrane. The incredibly robust level transmitter is molded in a body of PPS which protects against acids, bases and ferric-chloride. The 3400 analog 4-20 mA output signal can be lead for up to 300meters in the PUR insulated cable, for instance for your RTU. ATEX and UL approved for installation in explosion hazardous areas. 3400D has a build-in ModBus protocol that allows read-out and calibration while the device is operating. EXPERT 7060 & 7060D: precise level measurement which includes compensation for atmospheric pressure and temperature. Designed with no sharp edges, preventing particles and other elements from the waste water to stick to the house or membrane. The output signal is 4-20 mA. Expert 7060 has an adjustable zero-point and flexible measuring range. 7060D with chatter datalogger can calculate the extend of stormflow over time EXPERT 7070: The very precise piezo-resistive sensor is supported by pressure and temperature compensation. The output signal is 4-20mA and connecting the transmitter directly to, for instance, a Mµ Connect RTU is very easy, providing the option of level logging, alarms or controlling the pumps.


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