Dewatering Tubes

SpinPro high-capacity dewatering tubes is widely used in most dredging and dewatering applications for both raw water and wastewater, and primary and secondary wastewater ponds. Applications include municipal sludge, pulp and paper, drilling muds, agricultural operations,  mine sediment dewatering, refinery sludge, containment sediments and more . The technology is based on filtration starting with the apparent opening size of the geotextile material.  As the sludge accumulates inside the dewatering tubes, the accumulated sludge becomes a filter as well resulting in cleaner effluent.  When dewatering organics or fine sediments a flocculent or coagulant or combination can be added to the sludge to enhance both drying and purifying the effluent.

SpinPro geotextile materials are manufactured with higher elasticity allowing higher flow rates and higher compaction rates. Pumping rates into the dewatering tubes can be more than 8 times the rate of any other single dewatering device. This cost-effective solution, when used correctly and optimized, will surpass the performance of other dewatering methods like centrifuges and belt presses.


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