713 Open Channel Flowmeter

Open channel flow measurement & registration of water flow

The built-in ISO 1438 formulas for flow calculations are preprogrammed with the most common flumes and weirs, such as Parshall, Venturi, Palmer-Bowles flumes and V-notch and rectangular weirs. Also to be used with non-standard channels and weirs often installed at waste water plants and stormflow locations.

713 Open Channel Flowmeter is primarily used for measuring flow outlets from waste water treatment plants. The flow is calculated upon the water level, provided by either ultrasonic or hydrostatic level transmitter.

Built-in ISO 1438 formulas will provide the most common formulas but it is possible to calculate flow from simple formula and level/flow linearization as well.

Built-in totalizer with non-resettable counter and short term flow overview.


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