How to Address Ventilation Concerns for Air Quality in a Pandemic

As the current pandemic evolves there is an increased understanding that SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, can spread through fine aerosols that may linger in the air. In an indoor environment, these finer droplets have to potential to continue spreading the virus after an infected person leaves. This becomes an increased concern to Canadians, when cold and/or harsh winter weather conditions may result in poorer air quality for spaces that rely on passive air ventilation (i.e. open windows), or use HVAC systems. As part of a multi-layer strategy to reduce the spread of the virus, what can be done to improve indoor ventilation during this COVID-19 pandemic and beyond?

PureAir Filtration has developed a line of antimicrobial air filtration products. Currently, the two products on the market are FiberShield with Ionic+ technology, and Microbe-sorb Chemical Adsorbent Media . These solutions offer different ways to add layer(s) of protection[1] against bacteria and viruses in new or existing commercial and industrial HVAC systems.

PureAir’s FiberShield™ is the only antimicrobial filter fabric of its kind on the market. Made of a proprietary blend of nonwoven, nylon microfibers, impregnated with Ionic+™ sterilizing silver particles, the powerful antimicrobial fabric can be incorporated into any particulate filter (i.e. HEPA filters). Implementation of FiberShield™ within the particulate filter is intended to inactivate microbes which have been captured by the particulate filter. Implementation of FiberShield™ after particulate filters is intended to inactivate viruses which have passed through the particulate filter. Third party testing confirms it kills over 99% of microbes with which it comes in contact, including SARS-CoV-2.

PureAir Filtration’s newest media, Microbe-sorb™, is comprised with over 12% concentration of permanganate, plus a proprietary formula which activates and enhances its antimicrobial properties. PureAir’s adsorbent media has been developed to keep environments safe from viruses and bacteria, by deactivating cold and flu viruses. Microbe-sorb™ comes in multiple forms, such as granular or pelletized, and can be incorporated into filters and air handling units, in the same way as traditional activated carbon. Microbe-sorb™ media can be purchased loose, or from a variety of sizes and types of filter housings, such as the PP18 Module, Honeycomb Trays, or bonded to Pleated Filters depending on application requirements.

For passive air applications or where air filtration is poor – PureAir offers full Packaged Filter Units (PFU) for the ultimate virus protection. These PFU units offers a self-contained, moveable unit that provides a quick and easy way to protect any environment from pathogens by simply plugging it into the wall. The system draws in contaminated air at the bottom, running it through internal modules filled with Microbe-sorb™ media and sending purified, healthy air back into the room.

PFU’s are constructed with a Merv 8 (G4) dust pre-filter, PureAir Microbe-sorb™ chemical adsorbent media in low pressure holding frames, a HEPA intermediate filter, and a final filter made with FiberShield™ antimicrobial fabric. Additional benefits of these full Pure Air PFU systems are their low energy consumption, low noise, and variable control of airflow, providing protection for any room.

Three standard sizes are provided with airflows ranging from the PFU-Mini at 500 cfm (850cmh), PFU-Mobile for 1000 cfm (1700 cmh) and PFU for up to 4000 cfm (6800cmh).

[1] It is not possible, even for the best HEPA filtration, to capture all viruses