Centrisys at WEFTEC

Centrisys has a #1 takeaway from WEFTEC:  PFAS continues to be top-of-mind. Utilities need to create a strategic roadmap to address this challenge.

Many questions about PFAS/PFOA persist but what has become clear is that the cost of handling and disposing of biosolids, which will undoubtedly contain some of these contaminants, continues to increase. Sludge drying technologies mitigate the risk associated with PFAS by reducing the volume of biosolids and are a necessary first step many utilities consider for meeting PFAS regulations. At the same time, some utilities look to thermal conversion technologies such as gasification, pyrolysis, or high-temperature incineration to “destroy” PFAS. Drying is, in many cases, a required step ahead of such technologies. Learn more about Centrisys DLT low-temperature belt dryer focused on USA treatment plants.